As Aristotle wisely said, "the soul never thinks without an image."

In Amaya's sessions, you'll embark on a magical journey to uncover new aspects of yourself and your life, perhaps ones you've never known before.

Discover how to connect with your unconscious mind, letting information unfold like a collage. By the end of the session, you'll walk away with increased clarity, peace of mind, and a renewed sense of determination.

Engage in the creation of an intuitive collage, using your intuition, heart, and hands. Picture yourself in a serene and creative space, cutting, gluing, and assembling various images to craft a whole new picture. The best part? No special skills are required—just an open mind ready for wonder and play.

If this intrigues you, feel free to reach out to me or check the Eventbrite page for more details.

If you're interested, please feel free to get in touch with me via Instagram or email to find out about the upcoming dates.

Moreover, if you prefer to experience a one-on-one session, you'll have the opportunity to go even deeper into your personal development journey. In this personalized setting, you can expect tailored guidance and insights, allowing for a more focused and impactful exploration of self-discovery. This experience is designed to bring you greater clarity, profound self-awareness, and valuable tools for your personal growth.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested—I would be delighted to guide you on this transformative journey!