Amaya Roman is a Graphic Artist based in London and born in Madrid. At 21, she set her sights on London to dive into her love for photography, capturing moments as a portrait photographer for various London studios, international magazines, and photo agencies.

Adding another feather to her cap, she pursued a Master's in Graphic Design in Sydney, where she not only gained valuable insights but also acquired new digital tools to enhance her photography skills.

Fuelled by an ever-present curiosity and a passion for creative expression, Amaya ventured into the world of collage years ago. It became her fresh way of communicating through art, opening up new dimensions of creativity.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Amaya seamlessly blends all her interests in her role as an in-house Multimedia Graphic Designer for a notable UK charity.

Furthermore, she extends her creative reach by leading art therapy collage workshops a one-on-one session, catalyst for self-discovery. Through the act of choosing and combining images, participants can tap into their subconscious, uncovering hidden thoughts and emotions. The visual language of collage often allows for a non-verbal expression of complex feelings, offering a therapeutic outlet that goes beyond words.